• Alles über die Fussballverbände und Administratives der Scottish Premier League...

  • SPL Update

    THE SPL have today confirmed today that the SPL Reserve League and Clydesdale Bank U19 League will continue in their current formats for next season.

    The under-21 rule applied to first-team squads will also remain in place for 2009/10.

    The first stage of a review looking in to the transition between youth team and first team was carried out by the SPL.

    It concluded that in the longer term refinements may have to be made to the current structures but, given the proximity to the start of next season, they would be retained for 2009/10 to enable clubs to plan accordingly.

    The SPL has confirmed that further work is underway to draft proposals for consideration for longer term change and that clubs will be actively engaged in that process.

    Iain Blair, SPL Company Secretary, said: "The development of young talent has been important to the SPL since it was set-up.

    "The debate we had on the relevant structures and rules was very healthy, as we must always challenge what we do to see if there is a better way.

    "The next step is for us to take on board the feedback from the clubs and come up with proposals to gain their consensus."

    Rangers FC

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  • SPL to hold crisis talks over Setanta cash fears

    SPL chiefs will hold crisis talks on Thursday to discuss Setanta's appeal to renegotiate their £125million four-year deal.

    The sports broadcasters have denied they are "fighting for their lives" but have drafted in Emap publishing veteran Sir Robin Miller as chairman and financial experts Deloitte and Touche to advise them how to survive the credit crunch.

    Setanta have asked concerned SPL chairmen, who fear the collapse of the deal could see some clubs go out of business, to help them by chopping the multi-million pound deal that is due to kick-off in 2010.

    Record Sport understands some rights partners, including golf's PGA Tour, have agreed to cut contracts that would help keep Setanta afloat and help them to find the £35m the Premier League is due on May 15.

    An SPL spokeperson said: "We've an internal meeting on Thursday where we will be discussing the current situation." An insider for the Irish broadcasters said: "We are not fighting for our lives as some would have you believe.

    "There is a review of the negotiations taking place with a view to the refinancing of the business.

    "That process will move forward and the good news is that we have brought on a heavyweight chairman in the guise of Sir Robin Miller."


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  • Scheinbar lässt die SPL Setanta vom Haken. So wird der übermütige Sender die SPL mit weniger Geld abspeisen und es stattdessen in die EPL schicken. Die hätte ich auf den Vertrag festgenagelt bis zum bitteren Ende. :rolleyes:

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  • Bain bashes SPL over fixtures

    RANGERS chief executive Martin Bain has written to the Scottish Premier League to register the Ibrox club's concern about being forced to play in a televised lunch-time game tomorrow week, having travelled to face Hibernian on the Wednesday, writes Alan Pattullo.

    Bain's complaint follows the one made to the SPL by Celtic after the post-split fixtures were confirmed last month. Celtic were "quite surprised at the scheduling of matches" which was understood to be a reference to the fact that Rangers had been handed a home game with Hearts, which meant the Ibrox side had visited Tynecastle only once during the course of the season.

    Now Bain, whose club remain upset with the league following the fixture congestion of last season, has indicated dismay at Rangers being required to play next weekend's match against Aberdeen at 12.30pm on Saturday, having faced Hibs on Wednesday in Edinburgh.

    Celtic, in action on Tuesday against Dundee United, do not play again until Sunday week, when they travel to face Hibs in another televised match. The Ibrox side have argued that both their own and Celtic's matches next weekend should have been switched around.

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  • SPL chiefs ready to take £20m pay cut from Setanta deal

    SPL chairmen are willing to consider a cut of around £20million in their new Setanta Sports deal.

    Opinions from all 12 member clubs were canvassed at a three-hour meeting at Hampden yesterday.

    Setanta and the SPL announced a stunning deal last summer that would have seen the clubs receive £125m over a four-year period from 2010.

    But with the financial climate taking hold the Irish broadcasters are looking to renegotiate.

    The SPL confirmed clubs had reached a unanimous agreement over how to respond to Setanta's bid to cut the amount they pay for broadcasting live games.

    An SPL spokesman said: "It was a positive meeting at which all 12 clubs agreed the way forward."

    Although the SPL and individual club spokesmen refused to reveal their decisions, having taken a vow of silence as they left Hampden, Record Sport understands the clubs may consider renegotiating the contract.

    Afurther meeting is set to go ahead soon and while the deal being reduced is not ideal it is believed the clubs understand the position of the broadcaster and, in short, realise it may be better to accept the compromise of a guaranteed reduced figure as opposed to digging in heels and risking the prospect of earning nothing.

    Dundee United chairman Steven Thompson had hinted as such before the meeting when he said: "I hope common sense prevails for the good of the SPL. We are where we are.

    "There is no point in looking to where we were last summer. We've got to move forward. It's a tough world out there."


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  • Der neue Vertrag dürfte aber noch immer HÖHER sein als der aktuelle, das dürfte ausschlaggebend gewesen sein!

    Rangers FC - Scottish Premier League - Champions 2008/09

  • Hätte die trotzdem nicht so schnell vom Haken gelassen.

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  • Dänemark, Norwegen und Schottland bekommen in der Saison 2009/10 jeweils einen zusätzlichen Startplatz in der neuen Europa League (Nachfolger des UEFA Cups).

    Klick mich

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  • Dänemark, Norwegen und Schottland bekommen in der Saison 2009/10 jeweils einen zusätzlichen Startplatz in der neuen Europa League (Nachfolger des UEFA Cups).

    Klick mich

    Somit die halbe SPL international Vertreten! Das kann ja heiter werden (NOT) für den schottischen fußball :/

    Rangers (1.CL), Celtic (2.-CL-Quali), Falkirk (Sco-Cup Finalist, Euroleague), Hearts (3.-Euroleague), Dundee Utd (4.-Euroleague), Motherwell? (Fair-play-Euroleague-quali?)

    Soll das jz gut sein oder schlecht? Kurzfristig wegen dem Koeffizienten sicher schlecht, aber finanziell für die anderen Clubs wichtig & vl macht ein club ja ne überraschung? Auf jeden fall dürfte das die SPL etwas bekannter machen & einige andere teams auch anerkannt werden! Von wegen Micky-Maus liga, aberdeen hat schon mal gezeigt was die "kleinen" drauf haben! :nuke:

    Rangers FC - Scottish Premier League - Champions 2008/09

  • Diese Fair-play Wertung geht mir auf den Keks. Diese Vereine kriegen das Geld noch in den Hintern geblasen, obwohl Sie sich nicht ordentlich qualifizieren.

  • So schaut es eigentlich aus. Mit ehrlichem Sport hat auch das nichts zu tun. Nur macht das in den europäischen Wettbewerben eh keinen Unterschied mehr. Solange Nationen CL-Plätze hinterhergeworfen bekommen, während die Meister aus anderen Ländern durch eine Quali gehen, ist das eh alles Mumpitz.

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  • SFA set to give Kyle Lafferty trial by television for dive

    RANGERS diver Kyle Lafferty faces trial by TV tomorrow morning - and could be hammered by the same rule UEFA used to ban Lithuanian cheat Saulius Mikoliunas.

    MailSport understands the SFA will examine footage of the theatrical fall that led to a harsh red card for Aberdeen's Charlie Mulgrew yesterday. But they may have to use UEFA's rulebook rather than their own to punish Lafferty.

    Article 10C of UEFA's Disciplinary Regulations was introduced to punish cheating missed by referees - and it landed Mikoliunas a two-game ban for a dive against Scotland.

    Sfa beaks will now look at ways of applying that rule to this case - and they could also receive an appeal from Rangers over Madjid Bougherra's red card in yesterday's fiery clash..


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  • Referee Stuart Dougal will inform the SFA he would like to bring forward his retirement by a week after controversies shrouded his last two matches. (The Herald)

    Dougal also condemned Kyle Lafferty for the simulation that led to a red card for Aberdeen's Charlie Mulgrew. (Daily Mail)

    Rangers' Madjid Bougherra, who was also sent off in the match at Ibrox, will depend on the assistant referee reviewing his clash with Jamie Langfield before finding out if he can play in the last game of the season. (The Herald)

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    Scottish Football Association chief executive Gordon Smith has urged other clubs to follow the lead of Rangers in tackling simulation.

    Rangers fined Kyle Lafferty for feigning injury following his theatrical reaction to a head-to-head with Charlie Mulgrew, which saw the Aberdeen defender sent off.

    Aberdeen director of football Willie Miller called for the SFA to "hammer" Lafferty and back up Smith's statements of intent to clamp down on cheating.

    The SFA later announced Lafferty had been referred to a review panel to determine whether he has a case to answer over the red card, which will also be reconsidered by the panel.

    But Smith has also suggested that clubs can do their bit to stamp out play-acting by copying the example of Rangers.

    Rangers manager Walter Smith criticised Lafferty immediately after Saturday's Clydesdale Bank Premier League game and the club fined him on Monday, sparking an apology from the 21-year-old.

    SFA chief Smith has been foiled by FIFA in his attempts to introduce retrospective punishment for diving, with the governing body keen to preserve the authority of a referee's decision.

    And, while careful not to comment on the actual incident involving Lafferty, Smith has challenged Miller to act in the same way should an Aberdeen player commit a similar offence.

    "I appreciate Willie Miller's recognition that I've tried to address the subject of cheating in football since I came into the Scottish FA job," Smith said.

    "It's not been easy getting the message across that it should be discouraged and eliminated in every event.

    "I would see it as real progress if clubs started to react to such behaviour when perpetrated by their own players. This would, in my opinion, clean up the game very quickly.

    "In that respect, I think a great deal of credit should go to Rangers for the manner in which they have acted this week.

    "While I cannot comment on the specifics of the incident in question, I certainly hope that this sets a precedent among clubs as how to deal with simulation.

    "From Willie Miller's comments I feel he would now react in the same way if an Aberdeen player was ever guilty of such behaviour.

    "We all know and understand that simulation has no place in Scottish football."

    Miller had challenged Smith to make an example of Lafferty.

    He told the Daily Record: "The SFA must come down hard on Lafferty's shameful diving and play-acting at Ibrox.

    "When Gordon Smith became the SFA's chief executive he said he was desperate to clamp down on players feigning injury.

    "This is the perfect opportunity for Smith to stand by his convictions by hammering Lafferty."

    If the review panel members decide that Lafferty's case merits action, the Northern Ireland international will be referred to the SFA's disciplinary committee, which next meets after the end of the season.


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  • SFA Review Panel meeting set for Friday
    By Grandmaster Suck

    Tuesday, 19th May 2009
    Bougherra and Lafferty cases to be reviewed.

    The Review Panel meeting has been arranged for 10.30am this Friday morning. As is always the case with these meetings, the names of the panel members are not disclosed. They are chosen from former players, managers and referees.

    There will be 5 cases considered during the meeting:

    G. Loovens (Celtic FC)
    S. McDonald (Celtic FC)
    C. Mulgrew (Aberdeen FC)
    M. Bougherra (Rangers FC)
    K. Lafferty (Rangers FC)

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  • :ohje:

    Full-time refs not needed - Smith

    Scottish FA chief executive Gordon Smith says recent refereeing controversies have not convinced him of the need for full-time officials.

    Five separate incidents from recent matches will be discussed by a video review panel on Friday.

    But the SFA's chief executive says countries that employ full time referees are just as prone to mistakes.

    "I just think that people, regardless of whether they are full-time or not, make mistakes," said Smith.

    "Even the top footballers make mistakes. There's a human element to it and I don't think that you are able to improve that just because referees are full-time.

    "I think that, if you look at different countries, and you look in England this season, they had problems with refereeing decisions.

    "They have had problems with controversy and their referees are full-time.

    "Maybe it is something that we will look at in the future, but I think we still have a good quality of referee even thought they are not full-time."


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  • Lafferty to be hit with extra ban after his dive of shame against Aberdeen

    Kyle Lafferty faces a hefty three-match ban for his blatant act of simulation as SFA chief executive Gordon Smith yesterday vowed to rid the Scottish game of cheating.

    Smith revealed to Sportsmail that the Hampden hierarchy have the power to repeat the same two-match punishment dished out to Hearts bad boy Saulius Mikoliunas by UEFA after he dived to earn a penalty against Scotland last season.

    But Sportsmail understands Lafferty has already been handed a one-match ban for the yellow card he did receive from referee Stuart Dougal for the initial challenge on Charlie Mulgrew during Saturday’s match against Aberdeen.

    Hefty ban: Kyle Lafferty faces a three-match ban for this dive last weekend

    That took him through the disciplinary points threshold and, with the other two-match ban for ‘improper conduct’ now odds-on to be ratified this summer, Rangers won’t be able to call upon the Northern Ireland international in the SPL until September.

    As the SFA prepare to look at the Lafferty incident tomorrow, with Celtic pair Glenn Loovens and Scott McDonald also on trial by a Video Review Panel, Smith flatly denied there is any Old Firm ‘witch-hunt’ at Hampden.

    ‘I am making a distinction for the retrospective punishment and that will carry a two-match ban,’ said Smith. ‘If you are caught diving at the time, you are a yellow card.

    ‘If you are not caught, and con the referee and the paying public, then you get a two-match ban. That’s already in our rules and can be implemented at any time.

    ‘My original plan on cheating and diving was to have the referee look at the whole match and then decide if there had been such incidents. But we have since decided that was too difficult to implement — there are just too many games and too many decisions for that to work.

    A fair system: Gordon Smith

    ‘When UEFA came out with their ruling on Mikoliunas from the Scotland game, we decided to follow their lead in putting in a two-match suspension for major cheating incidents.

    ‘We are looking at major incidents where the referee has been conned. Down the line, if we continue to have cases of cheating and play-acting, we could maybe even look at extending that punishment.’

    Former Rangers star Fernando Ricksen was twice punished by the SFA on video evidence, with Celtic’s Bobo Balde another culprit. With three Old Firm players now on charges after three live Setanta matches, the suspicion lingers that if studio analysts highlight an incident, then the authorities duly act.

    Not so, insisted Smith.

    ‘I think our system is fair,’ he said. ‘Our disciplinary and referee department review footage to see if cases are to be referred. They look at all the games. Every single one is raised, believe me.

    ‘I’m sure the Russell Duncan one (when the Caley Thistle midfielder went down clutching his face in a Scottish Cup tie against Falkirk) was reviewed but the referee saw it at the time and nobody was penalised by his actions.

    ‘Old Firm fans complain their players are the ones in the frame but we do not see that. I think it is a fair system for every club.

    ‘You will always be accused by supporters. Rangers fans will say their players are being framed by TV evidence and Celtic get away with it, while Celtic fans will say the opposite. We think it is fair.’

    Should be cleared: Bougherra is expected to have his red card lifted tomorrow

    Meanwhile, the referee at the centre of the Ibrox controversy at the weekend admitted he had pulled out of a charity dinner at a Masonic Hall in Larkhall to avoid fuelling conspiracy theories as the Old Firm title race nears its conclusion.

    Some Celtic supporters had expressed unhappiness on unofficial fan websites at Stuart Dougal appearing at tomorrow night’s event in a traditional Rangers area. The sportsman’s dinner is due to take place days after Dougal — now retired as a top-class official — admitted he was wrong to show Madjid Bougherra a red card in last Saturday’s 2-1 win for the Ibrox men over Aberdeen.

    The Rangers defender is now set to be cleared to play in Sunday’s championship decider at Tannadice once his collision with Jamie Langfield is examined by the SFA’s video review panel tomorrow.

    In a statement, Dougal said: ‘Although the event was at a Masonic Hall, I was assured by the organisers that it was not a Masonic event and that the aim of the night was to raise money for charity.

    ‘It is with some deep regret that I have informed the organisers that I will now not be able to take part.

    ‘I do not want to give any fuel to people who live their lives in the belief that everything revolves around conspiracy theories.’


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  • Das wird ja sehr interessant morgen. Bin ja mal gespannt ob Lafferty eine Sperre erhält. Wäre dann nach dem "Verbot" der Billy Boys der zweite Präzedenzfall auf dem Rücken der Rangers, wobei die " neue Regel" mit Sicherheit in Zukunft nicht so weitergeführt werden würde. Bevor man so etwas macht, sollte man sich genau überlegen, ob man dann auch den Mut und die Möglichkeiten sieht, die Neuerung in Zukunft in vergleichbaren Situationen ebenfalls anzuwenden.

    Merkwürdig auch, dass Lafferty's Fall vor dem nächsten Rangers-Match verhandelt wird (was ja auch richtig ist!), während die Celtic Spieler zwischenzeitlich bereits weitere Spiele absolvieren durften.

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